Festivals with Rich Tradition and Heritage of the Indigenous People

Today the East Indian Community will miss out on the Celebrations of Three Great Village Festivals

Today is the Feast of St.John the Baptist Church – SEEPZ Marol, Phool Dongri Cross – Kurla and St.Roque Grotto – Kalina Kolovery

St.John the Baptist Church at Seepz Marol is more than 400 years old and lies in ruins. Entry to the Church premises is allowed only once a year and locals start cleaning the Church premises around a week before the festival.

Phool Dongri Cross was located on an hillock near the Holy Cross Church Kurla. Local East Indians used to have an annual feast and the Holy Cross was then shifted close to the Church. A special holy mass is Celebrated in front of the Phool Dongri Cross on the feast day. The Phool Dongri is a Miraculous Cross built to protect the Villagers from Plague

St.Roque Grotto Kalina Kolovery celebrates it’s feast on the 2nd Sunday of May.The Grotto was built to protect the village from Plague. Every year there is a mega celebration with various activities during the Novenas. On the feast day the most memorable event was the marathon around the Talav(pond).

We thank all in the East Indian Community for having done their very best to revive our Village Festivals.

MGP Team Wishes you all a Very Happy Feast!

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