Mobai Bhavan


What is Mobai Bhavan?

The Mobai Bhavan is supposed to be a place where one will go back in time and experience the way things were done by our forefathers in their times. The place will look like a mini East Indian village replete with a tiled house and surroundings consisting of artefacts, bullock cart, fishing boat, a well with pulley to draw water and a cross for prayers. The food mostly cooked in earthen vessels on fire from the choola and ladies dressed traditionally will be present on site to serve you. It is our endeavour to give light music from the Ghumat to get you in mood.

Where is Mobai Bhavan?

It is located in Manori at Theresa Villa on the Manori-Gorai Road, about five minutestravel from the Manori Jetty.

Why Mobai Bhavan?

Many Communities which have come much after the East Indians have a Bhavan of their own . It is ironical that the original community which should have had many bhavans can’t boast of even one to call their own. It is sad that many East Indian Associations do not even have an office, a Bhavan is a far cry.

Who can avail of the facilities?

The Bhavan will be open to anyone who wants to experience the East Indian Food and culture. There will be an Exhibition space where artefacts will be on display .

When can one visit?

We plan to have special Sunday Celebrations at the Mobai Bhavan twice a month on the second & third Sundays from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm and the dates will also be announced in the Gaothan Voice. You will have to book your lunch in advance. Families, Groups and Associations can also book for anyday or for an overnight stay at the Mobai Bhavan.

Mobai Gaothan Panchayat Thanks Theresa and Family for providing us their property at Manori to be used as the Mobai House, dedicated to the East Indian Community.