There are many versions of the history of East Indians. Some area are hotly debated. Whether we are converts from the 6th century or 15th Century. There is however no debate that we are the original inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette and Thana. There is no dispute of two apostles of Jesus, st. Bartholomew and St. Thomas having come to India and both having preached near Kalyan. While the world recognises South India to be converts of St. Thomas, hardly anyone recognises and accept the fact about the East Indian. There is a perpectual doubt if they “carried on” being christians till the arrival of the Portuguese. The passage cut pasted below held ture for the Christians of South India, it should hold true for the East Indians.


Mobai Gaothan Panchayat, is an initiative to bring all Gaothans of Bombay (Mumbai) together and fight for our basic rights in One Voice. The aim is to have a panchayat style of functioning. Every village is to have a Sarpanch and a Deputy Sarpanch who works in their individual gaothan (village).

Many Communities which have come much after the East Indians have a Bhavan of their own . It is ironical that the original community which should have had many bhavans can’t boast of even one to call their own. It is sad that many East Indian Associations do not even have an office, a Bhavan is a far cry.
The upkeep of the Mobai House involves high costs and a need for a variety of Gaothan artefacts on display we invite your assistance. Those who have East Indian artefacts can contact us. You may sponsor the same as your family names will be tagged on the specific artefacts or you may also sell the same at a nominal cost. Donations and sponsorships also welcome