GAOTHAN VOICE – Nov 2020 – Gaothan Special


Children-of-the-soil look forward to a positive response

The recently concluded International East Indian Conclave 2020 on November 28th, 2020 delved on the Theme: ‘Post Pandemic – Creating Jobs, Professionals and Entrepreneurs’ which was a very relevant and need of the hour topic for highlighting the plight of our youth, especially the youth from the East Indian community.

As an educationist, I strongly believe in the idea that an economic holocaust is the catalyst for change. The recent pandemic crisis has created an avenue for opportunities and a chance to change provided one has a positive attitude and an open mind.

Listening to the ideas put forward by the participants attending the Conclave, what struck me most was the carefree attitude in the minds of our youth. Interacting with youth in the age group of 18 to 25 years, I am of the opinion that the most essential criteria is self-interest and motivation to achieve great heights. For this to be achieved, investment in the form of time, effort and responsibility is important.

Another idea that the youth of today have to focus on, is an introspection and discovery of oneself through the identification of soft skills that one is gifted with. To cite a case of an individual who can utilize their creativity and talent would be one who is computer savvy connecting with a chocolate maker and a florist to design chocolate boxes that can be created for every occasion – be it a birthday celebration, an anniversary and so on.

An entrepreneur is an ordinary individual who is constantly searching for a change in approach, responds to it and expounds on this concept for monetary benefits. Our youth of today need that perseverance and passion to discover a career that will support an opportunity for enhancing their talents.

In this endeavour, we as a community can be a mentor or a facilitator to enable our youth to recreate employment opportunities in their own way. Networking and upgrading of self-management skills do play a crucial role in unleashing the path to being a professional. One option currently in vogue is preparing dishes which showcase the East Indian confectionery and culinary heritage. Another avenue is in the field of supply chain management or in the case of blended learning…….. various alternative opportunities can be conceptualized if one has a creative mindset and the drive to take it forward.

Additional skills that will be most in demand would include:
Ø Strategic Leadership – ability to make connections, understand complexities and make brave decisions
Ø Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset – to provide solutions that are needed to solve problems
Ø Communication Skills – ability to find the right balance
Ø Languages – to enable connection and collaboration
Ø Carry out a Skills Audit – to highlight one’s unique and transferable skills

Gleason Barretto, Old Kurla

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