Agera 2020

AGERA – The Harvest Festival of the East Indian Community

As per the Latin Dictionary, “Agera” is derived from the word “Ager” meaning field or farm. Agera will be celebrated on Sunday, 4th October. Request all in the community to request the Parish Priest to mention the term “Agera” during all masses

MGP Guidelines for Agera Celebrations 2020 – Due to Pandemic
*Paddy to be blessed at the Church or Chapel/Holy Cross at Gaothan
*After blessing, local Coordinators can distribute the paddy at each home or place it at a Holy Cross
*The families to affix the paddy on their entrance door or place it on the altar
*The family prepares a traditional meal keeping the harvest festival in mind
*Each East Indian family have the afternoon or evening meal together with a Thanksgiving Prayer

For more details contact 9820087771/8898178889

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