Mot Mauli Purcessao – 19 Sep 2020

Mahim to Mount Mary’s Bandra

Procession began on Saturday, 19th September 2020 @8am

*This Annual Procession has been initiated by MGP to revive memories of the procession wherein the statue of Mother Mary was bought in procession from Mahim to Bandra in 1761
*The Procession is organised on a Saturday during the Bandra fair week
*Due to restrictions only a few of MGP members Participated in the Procession this year
*The Statue of Mount Mary was carried in a Traditional Rekla to revive memories of the first such procession
*The Statue of Mount Mary will now visit various Gaothans across Mumbai, Thane, Raigad and Vasai

MGP Team thanks Richard and Melroy from Bandra for the Rekla. Also thanks to our members – Alphi Dsouza, Sybil Rodrigues, Bryce Rodricks, Samuel Dsouza and Justin Rodricks for Coordinating and Participating in today’s procession

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