East Indian Rally Week – Special Release # 1

East Indian Rally Week – Special Release # 1

The Local Gaothan Community Market

*An initiative to Revive our local Village Markets
*We revived the Markets with the 1st one last month and the 2nd Bandra Baazaar scheduled this Saturday (2nd Saturdays)
*Community Markets to be set up in as many Gaothans or it’s vicinity
*Will be held at a regular defined frequency – Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly
*Only East Indian owned Businesses can set up a stall at the Baazaar
*Only East Indian Food Takeaways are allowed
*East Indian articles sold by other Communities can also join
*An initiative to encourage East Indian Entrepreneurs and Businesses
*The Baazaar will be held at a venue, compound, wadi, Gaothan entrance or a bylane
*MGP plans to have around 10 Baazaars by this year-end

Those interested to set up an East Indian Baazaar at your Gaothan or to set up a stall may call 9820087771/9820545302


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